NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Reading in the Digital Age (6) 7/10 2009

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irk いらだたせる
bug いらいらさせる
tick someone off いらいらさせる

■NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Reading in the Digital Age (6) 7/10 2009


What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Rebecca spends a lot of time reading lengthy, elliptically
plotted stories, but what bugs me is that her texting is
sprinkled with spelling and grammatical errors, and this
style creeps into her homework.

What really ticks me off and makes me concerned about the 
future of literacy is the way Rebecca and her friends use

I'd like to think that Rebecca has at least a passing 
interest in the real world, as opposed to just the fantasy
realm of anime.

the best thing since sliced bread, 最上のもの
Graffiti Cornerより

If you say that someone thinks that something is the best
thing since sliced bread, you mean that they think it is
very good, original, and exciting. You can also say that they
think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You usually
use these expressions to indicate that you think that their
opinion is wrong or foolish.

ex) When your programme first started I thought it was the 
best thing since sliced bread. But over the last three months
I think you have adopted an arrogant attitude.

be sprinkled with, ...がちりばめられている、...にあふれている
Reading in the Digital Age (2)より

If something is sprinkled with particular things, it has a
few of them throughout it and they are far apart from
each other.

ex) Unfortunately, the text is sprinkled with errors.

creep into, ...に(徐々に)入り込む
Reading in the Digital Age (2)より

If an attitude or a feeling creeps into something, it begins
to be expressed or felt gradually.

ex) The shadow of doubt began to creep into her mind.

tick someone off, (人)をいらいらさせる、(人)を怒らせる
Reading in the Digital Age (2)より

If you say that something ticks you off, you mean that
it annoys you. [AMERICAN, INFORMAL]

ex) I just think it's rude and it's ticking me off.

fantasy realm, 空想の世界
Reading in the Digital Age (4)より

You can use realm to refer to any area of activity,
interest, or thought. [FORMAL]

ex) Students' interests are mostly limited to the academic

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