NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Videoconferencing vs. Traveling (2) 8/21 2008


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■NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Videoconferencing vs. Traveling (2) 8/21 2008




As with badly dubbed movies, speakers' movements didn't
correspond to the audio and were jerky because of delays
in translation.

But people still fly, giving a thumbs-down to hassles at

You pull out any metal in your pockets, shuck off your shoes
and maybe even submit to head-to-foot pat-down.

Nowadays you still go through the shakedown in addition to
occasional random checks.

badly dubbed movie, 下手な吹き替え映画
If a film or soundtrack in a foreign language is dubbed,
a new soundtrack is added with actors giving a translation.

ex) It was dubbed into Spanish for Mexican audiences.

jerky, ぎくしゃくした
Jerky movements are very sudden and quick, and do not
flow smoothly.

ex) Mr Griffin made a jerky gesture.

give a thumbs-down to, ...を認めない、...に不服を唱える
If you say that someone gives a plan, idea, or suggestion
the thumbs-down, you are indicating that they do not approve
of it and refuse to accept it. [INFORMAL]

shuck off, ...を脱ぐ
If you shuck something that you are wearing, you take it off.

ex) He shucked his coat and set to work.

shakedown, 身体検査、徹底的な検査
A shakedown of a boat, plane, or a car is its final test
before it starts to be used.

その他にも、次も押さえておきたい。[誌面の都合上省略] ★は重要表現
damaging, 有害な
pull out, ...を取り出す、...を引き抜く
submit to a head-to-foot pat-down, 全身のボディチェックに応じる
luggage rack, 荷物を置くための棚
at a moment's notice, 急に、即刻、直ちに

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