NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Being a Restaurant Critic (1) 12/16 2009







名言その1: 戦いは、出鼻で勝たねばならぬ ... メッケル

名言その2: 良句もできるが、駄句もできる。しかしできた駄句
は捨てずに書きとめておかねばならない ... 正岡子規

名言その3: 諸君はきのうの専門家であるかもしれん。しかしあす
の専門家ではない ... 児玉源太郎

仕事で大事なことは『坂の上の雲』が教えてくれた (知的生きかた文庫)
仕事で大事なことは『坂の上の雲』が教えてくれた (知的生きかた文庫) 20091127131420
■NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Being a Restaurant Critic (1) 12/16 2009


I don't think anyone has heard of me outside some rarified
foodie circles.

Your column has been syndicated all over the place,
and everyone knows that a good review from you can pretty
well guarantee a restanrant's success.

And by the same token, a thumbs-down from Jerry Baxter
has been known to give ulcers to restanrants who don't
meet his high standards.

rarified, (お高くとまった)限られた人たちだけの、閉鎖的な
[ODE] rarify
make or become less dense or solid.

[ジーニアス英和] rarified

foodie circles, グルメの世界
Foodies are people who enjoy cooking and eating different
kinds of food. [INFORMAL]

ex) Other neighbourhoods in the city offer foodies
a choice of Chinese, Portuguese or Greek food.

be syndicated, (多くの新聞、雑誌などに)配信 [掲載] される
When newspaper articles or television programmes are
syndicated, they are sold to several different newspapers
or television stations, who then publish the articles
or broadcast the programmes.

ex) Today his programme is syndicated to 500 stations.

thumbs-down, 拒否、不賛成、非難
If you say that someone gives a plan, idea, or suggestion
the thumbs-down, you are indicating that they do not approve
of it and refuse to accept it. [INFORMAL]

give ulcers to, ...をとても困らせる
ulcer 潰瘍

An ulcer is a sore area on the outside or inside of your
body which is very painful and may bleed or produce
an unpleasant poisonous substance.

ex) In addition to headaches, you may develop stomach
ulcers as well.

その他にも、次も押さえておきたい。[誌面の都合上省略] ★は重要表現
it isn't every day that, ...なんてめったにない
with all due respect, お言葉を返すようですが、失礼ですが
by the same token, 同様に、同じ理由で
restaurateur, レストラン経営者
speakeasy, もぐり酒場
be up to, (基準など)に達している
elevated gourmet standards, 高いグルメの基準
I've had it up to here with, 私は...にはもううんざりだ

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