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■NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Crime Spikes (1) 10/21 2009


Wow, what happened? I'm all ears.

I heard one of the clerks yell, "Shoplifter! Grab him!"

The sputtering economy has led to an uptick in shoplifting
and other forms of property crime across the country.

Many shoplifters are simply banned from stores instead of
being arrested.

Crime spikes

I'm all ears. , ぜひ聞かせてください。どうぞおっしゃってください。
be all ears

If you are all ears, you are ready and eager to listen to
what someone is saying.

ex) He is in the perfect position to speak out constructively
to his audience, and certainly, this one was all ears.

shoplifter, 万引き犯人

If someone shoplifts, they steal goods from a shop by hiding
them in a bag or in their clothes.

ex) A persistent shoplifter has been banned from every
Marks & Spencer store in Britain.

sputtering economy, 景気の停滞、失速しつつある経済

If a process, action, or state of affairs sputters, it
progresses slowly and unevenly or starts to end.

ex) The economy is already sputtering, with low or no growth.

be banned from, ...から締め出される
If you are banned from doing something, you are officially
prevented from doing it.

ex) He was banned from driving for three years.

spike, 急激な上昇
If there is a spike in the price, volume, or amount of
something, the price, volume, or amount of it suddenly

ex) Although you'd think business would have boomed during
the war, there was only a small spike in interest.

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