NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Workplace Gossip (4) 9/2 2009





■NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Workplace Gossip (4) 9/2 2009


Some of my friends have been telling me hair-raising stories
about how the recession has turned some bosses into real

They think they can act with impunity just because times
are tough.

It's just the beginning of a slippery slope that can end in
all-out bullying.

If it's not nipped in the bud, it can lead to a stifling
sense of paranoia.

Certainly bad managers can engender an atmosphere of
distrust and fear.

hair-raising, 身の毛もよだつような、ぞっと [ぞくぞく] するような
A hair-raising experience, event, or story is very frightening
but can also be exciting.

ex) hair-raising rides at funfairs.

funfair (英)遊園地

act with impunity, 罰を受けずに [とがめられずに] 行動する
If you say that someone does something with impunity, you
disapprove of the fact they are not punished for doing
something bad.

ex) Mr Cook said future aggressors would be able to act with
impunity if the obejectives of the UN weren't met.

aggressor 侵略国

all-out bullying, 徹底的ないじめ
You use all-out to describe actions that are carried out in
a very energetic and determined way, using all the resources

ex) He launched an all-out attack on his critics.

stifling sense of paranoia, 抑圧的な被害妄想感
If a situation is stifling, it makes you feel uncomfortable
because you cannot do what you want.

ex) Life at home with her parents and two sisters was stifling.

If you say that someone suffers from paranoia, you think that
they are too suspicious and afraid of other people.

ex) The mood is one of paranoia and expectation of war.

engender, 生じる、生み出す
If someone or something engenders a particular feeling,
atmosphere, or situation, they cause it to occur. [FORMAL]

ex) It helps engender a sense of common humanity.


その他にも、次も押さえておきたい。[誌面の都合上省略] ★は重要表現
while one is on the subject of, ...の話をしているついでに、
not-so-subtle, あからさまな、見え透いた
underperforming employee, 期待に沿わない社員
counterproductive, 逆効果の
have a monopoly on, ...を独り占めしている
pathological behavior, 病的な行動
be above lying, うそをつくようなことはしない、(否定文で)平気で
natter, ぺちゃくちゃしゃべる
come with the turf, (義務などが)地位に付きものである

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