NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Hazardous Driving (3) 7/17 2009


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■NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Hazardous Driving (3) 7/17 2009


I hate to rain on your parade, Jay, but the studies I've seen
indicate that such devices don't address the real problem -
the fact that dialing and talking are distractions in and of

The software has a feature that tells the moible phone
provider to put calls and messages on hold until the handset
is stationary or moving at walking speed.

That sounds like a good idea on paper, Rosa, but what about
those of us who take pubilc transportation or have to be
contacted if there's an emergency?

rain on someone's parade, (人)の楽しみに水をさす
If someone rains on your parade, they do something which
spoils a plan of yours, usually a plan that is very important
to you. [JOURNALISM]

ex) She was there to ask a favour of Mimi - she didn't
want to rain on her parade.

in and of themselves, それ自身は

Yahoo! Answersより

What does "in and of themselves" mean?

ex) Words, in and of themselves, are not language.

put calls and messages on hold, 通話とメッセージを保留する
If you put something on hold, you decide not to do it, deal
with it, or change it now, but to leave it until later.

ex) He described their foreign policy as on hold.

stationary, 静止した、止まっている
Something that is stationary is not moving.

ex) Stationary cars in traffic jams cause a great deal of

on paper, 理論上は
If you say that something looks or sounds good on paper,
you mean that it seems to be a good idea, plan, or argument
when you read or hear about it, but may not be good in reality.

ex) This system looks good on paper but it is expensive and,
in my view, still of very limited value.

その他にも、次も押さえておきたい。[誌面の都合上省略] ★は重要表現
You got me there. , わかりません。それは知りません。
vision and practical driving tests, 視力検査と実地の運転試験

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