NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Opting for a Simpler Lifestyle (1) 3/17 2010



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■NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語 Opting for a Simpler Lifestyle (1) 3/17 2010

green burial の紹介ビデオです。

green burialでは墓石がないため、墓の位置がわかりにくいです。


amiable disagreement
like gangbusters


He was laid in an open kayak-shaped coffin, made out of
recycled newspapers, set on a trestle in his home.

Archie wanted a green burial without toxic chemicals,
so he wasn't embalmed.

He'll be buried in a natural cemetary without a large 
headstone so that, in time, he'll become one with the earth.

Please accept my deepest condolences.

Archie's no-frills service really summed up his
commonsense, practical view of life.

trestle, (テーブルの天板などを支える)枠組み、架台
A trestle is a wooden or metal structure that is used,
for example, as one of the supports for a table. It has
two pairs of sloping legs which are joined by a flat piece 
across the top.


embalm, (死体に)薬品、香油などで防腐処置をする
If a dead person is embalmed, their body is preserved
using special substances.

ex) His body was embalmed.

headstone, 墓石
A headstone is a large stone which stands at one end of a 
grave, usually with the name of the dead person carved on it.

Please accept my deepest condolences. , 心よりお悔やみ申し上
When you offer or express your condolences to someone, you
express your sympathy for them because one of their friends
or relatives has died recently.

ex) He expressed his condolences to his families of the 
people who died in the incident.

no-frills, 余計なもののない、余分なサービスをしない
without unnecessary extras, especially ones for decorations
or additional comfort.

ex) cheap fast food in no-frills surroundings.

その他にも、次も押さえておきたい。[誌面の都合上省略] ★は重要表現
memorial service, 告別式、追悼式
open coffin, ふたのない棺
green burial, 環境に配慮した埋葬
strike a chord with, ...の心に訴える、...の共感を得る
sum up, ...を端的に表す、...を概括する

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